Pylons across South Norfolk

You may have seen news coverage or received a mailing from The National Grid in May, about the 'East Anglia Green Energy Enablement (GREEN) Project.' a proposed High voltage power line coming through Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex. SNGP are against this way of transporting the power across our countryside. Please click links below for more info.

The use of the term “GREEN” is at best misleading, and at worst potentially fraudulent – nothing about the placement of 50-metre-high pylons and high-voltage cables in unspoiled countryside may be considered as green.

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Consultation - response by Thursday 16 June 2022. This is now closed.

There is an East Anglia website on it here

Lots of discussion across Norfolk Suffolk & Essex on a Facebook page

The “overview” document regarding the project is available online here:

The full consultation paper (124 pages) is available online here:

An 'interactive map' allowing you to zoom into part of the route is available here: (best viewed on a computer screen rather than a phone.)

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Dear Leadership Candidate

Will you act to save consumers billions of pounds and protect the environment & communities? 

If you become Prime Minister, the cost-of-living crisis and the environment will be two of your most pressing problems.  I am writing to urge you to take one simple action that will save consumers billions of pounds and protect the environment.  Will you ensure that a fully coordinated offshore approach to electricity transmission is enforced?

For far too long wind farm operators and National Grid have been allowed to get away with their harmful piecemeal approach, and government needs to step in and put a full strategic offshore grid in place. A report published last week by National Grid ESO has ignored this opportunity in the East of England - an opportunity that would save consumers billions of pounds.

An offshore grid in the North Sea off the East of England is feasible, would save consumers money, and is better for the environment and nature - a National Grid ESO report in 2020 said so.  Yet instead, two damaging onshore routes are proposed – one in East Anglia and another in Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire.

This is a new north-south divide.  Why are we in the East of England being treated as second-class citizens?  Electricity in the north is being transmitted by a number of offshore cables.  Communities, countryside and coastlines in the East of England have been ignored and consumers everywhere short-changed.

I am a supporter of a pylons action group called Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk Pylons.  The group is campaigning for a strategic offshore grid instead of 180Km of 50-metre high pylons across East Anglia.  21,000 have signed the group’s petition since May and 12 of the region’s MPs are also calling for a strategic offshore grid.

Will you implement a full offshore grid and save consumers money and communities heartbreak?