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Getting more involved

We are always keen to have more members involved. If you can help in any way please get in touch.

We are happy for members to come up with ideas for and hold events to raise awareness of any relevant issue on a one off basis, as well as take a more long term role to help with day to day stuff.

Roles we would particularly like some hep with at the moment are:

Digital skills : if you are good with WordPress you might like to help with our website.

Administration skills : we are actually in need of a secretary at the moment who would be able to do a bit of admin like minutes from meetings, sending out agendas etc.

Writing or journalism skills : Writing content for social media and press releases as well as for leaflets when we are campaigning

If you think you could help with one or more of these things, or there is another skill you would like to offer please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Getting more involved

  1. Hello

    You may be aware already that 2 of the town councillors in Wymondham have just resigned. This leaves an opening for a Green Party candidate and I wondered if you might have anybody standing? Wymondham is crying out for someone to co-ordinate climate action.

    Kind regards

    Nicola Maunders
    Greening Wymondham

  2. As part of Greening Wymondham and actively concerned about Climate Change, I have been increasingly unhappy with our local council. Instead of just railing against them, we have tried to engage them. We invited them to a Zoom meeting, and have joined their zoom council meeting. It has come to our attention, that certain council members, or indeed the town clerk, feel we are getting too political, as we notice the difficulty, for instance, of understanding their financial reporting. Is it political to want transparency and accountability? Over the years personally I have had to vote strategically rather than voting for who I really want. I now know I want a Green Party representative to vote for locally. So I looked on your site, and lo and behold found a link to Greening Wymondham! And a picture of me, my husband, our friends in GW! I would like to know if you have someone who could run in Wymondham as a councillor?

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